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And, of course, a couple of seconds must not play a pivotal role when choosing one of these motherboards. Incidently, don’t connect the 4-pin auxiliary power connector here, it is still used, and still has its own socket! Its main advantage is its price, lower than other SLI-based socket motherboards available on the market. Albatron have accomplished a lot in the relatively short time that they’ve been making motherboards and videocards; the company has good foresight, and that has helped Albatron win over consumers in an already crowded market. Albatron recently celebrated their very first anniversary, and looking back it has been quite a year for this upstart motherboard and videocard maker. To top things off, Albatron have also made attempts to cozy up to consumers by pricing their products very aggressively; they’re not always the least expensive on the market, but they usually do offer some of the best value around.

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Manufacturing companies established in Computer hardware companies Zlbatron hardware companies Motherboard companies Electronics companies of Taiwan Taiwanese brands Companies based in New Taipei establishments in Taiwan. At his head office in Taipei City, he has been the driving force behind this newfound success. Quite frankly, until ComputexI had never heard of them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They’re nifty features to have, but if I could have gone with a motherboard without them for a lower price, I would have. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.


About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Differences between motherboards’ test results are insignificant, so it’s hard to say for sure which motherboard is faster.

Albatron PXP Pro: Features and Layout – Motherboard Roundup: Socket for the Rest of Us

Its primary business was producing television and CRT monitor display. However, water-cooling and phase change overclockers will like to see such a wide range in a stock BIOS. Other BIOS options are also generous for tweaking with memory omtherboard reaching to 3. On the other hand, its size can prevent the installation of bigger CPU coolers.

We will check this out on our review.

In Taiwan, Jack is better known as ‘Big Jack’ for his persistence in driving for success. Orphaned articles from February All orphaned articles. Albatron used purple color on sockets 1 and 2 and green color on sockets 3 and 4. With that in mind, active cooling on the Northbridge would have been ideal motheeboard.

Incidently, the sound card also comes with a game controller port. It is also not necessary to connect any extra power supply cable when SLI mode is used, but we recommend you to use a good quality power supply with at least true watts.

The manufacturer also states that the PXP Pro also supports the ‘Prescott’ Pentium 4 core – which is known to be more power hungry. There are other boards in the Albatron lineup, most notably, thePXG Pro, which is the same board based on the integrated graphics G version of the chipset.


The company once had a small market share in consumer computer hardware akbatron, but now only manufactures peripherals and accessories for consumers as their graphics cards and motherboards manufacturing is now aimed at industrial users only. We liked very much the irreproachable stable operation and the lack of any glitches. This is due to the higher power requirements, which are estimated to be close to W.

PMA Pro ALBATRON Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The overall layout of the board is good, and I especially like how there’s a fan header just above the x16 PCI-Express slot. K8SLI from Slbatron is a socket motherboard i.

So, how come this company can receive Intel support without even producing a single motherboard?

Albatron Technology

Albatron also offers both the P and G boards without the Pro designation. Let’s move motheboard and see how the board overclocks. You have to be careful when you route the 4-pin 12V cable, but it is also pretty easy to get a 4-pin cable of the way of cooling.

AutoMHz at 1 MHz steps.

Features and Layout Abit AG8: Within the IT and financial world, omtherboard was good news to Albatron Technology. We have already reviewed a lot of motherboards on iXE chipset.